Surgical Enhancement

LOOK Your Best and SEE What You Have Been Missing

Improving vision and appearance go hand in hand at Edmond Eye Associates. Dr. Scott Sigler will help assess your specific needs and concerns to develop a treatment plan just for you. He specializes in a wide array of surgical procedures.  With his unique expertise, Dr. Scott Sigler is able to focus on both function and aesthetics in an effort to provide the best overall results for patients. Many of his patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that their procedure is covered by insurance too. Here is a look at some of the most popular procedures at Edmond Eye Associates.

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Give your eyes a lift with eyelid rejuvenation, a surgical procedure focused on removing excess skin and fat, and tightening muscles and sagging tissue in one’s eyelids that can result from heredity and aging.  Often done on an outpatient procedure, incisions are made in the natural eyelid creases or back side of the eyelid, so they are inconspicuous once tissues have healed.

Eyebrow Lift

Severely drooping brows prevent the eyelids from opening fully.

Like other facial structures, brows may sag and droop with age. Severely drooping brows rest on the eyelids, preventing them from opening fully and impacting your appearance and your vision too. Dr. Sigler surgically positions the brow back to the normal location for results that are truly eye-opening.

With Endoscopic techniques, this procedure produces impressive results with minimal incisions and reduced down time. Learn more about the Endotine Brow Lift.

Excessive Tearing

Tears play an important part in keeping eyes moist and healthy as well as comfortable. Tears are made of three equally important parts:  the tear gland makes the watery part of tears, small glands in the eyelids make the fatty part of tears and cells along the white part of the eye make the mucus part of tears. All three components are needed to have a normal tear film. Tears are drained into the nose through a tear duct. Problems with drainage, lid malposition or making less of any part of the tear film can cause dry eyes and/or tearing. Dr Sigler will evaluate and aim to find the best treatment or intervention to address your tearing problem. Occasionally a new tear duct is needed to be made surgically.

Orbital Disease

Injury and disease can cause swelling of the orbital structures…

The orbit is the bony socket surrounding the eye.  The eye, the muscles that move the eye, arteries and nerves are all enveloped in and cushioned by an intricate system of supporting membranes and fat.  Injury and disease, including cancer and thyroid disease, can cause swelling of the orbital structures behind the eye, pushing the eye forward and impacting vision.  Dr. Sigler’s training and expertise allows him to provide precise evaluation, treatment and/or repair of these structures to help ensure the best protection and function of the eye.

Cancer of the Eyelid

Early and complete removal of these skin cancers is vital…

As with all cancers, early diagnosis and treatment of cancers that occur in the skin of the eyelid is important.  Early and complete removal of these skin cancers is vital to reduce the chance of a recurrence and the risk of the cancer spreading.  With Dr. Sigler’s specialized training, the goal is to effectively remove the cancerous tissue and provide the best aesthetic results for the patient.

Cancer of the Orbit

Management of these tumors require diagnostic evaluation and surgical exploration…

Management of these tumors require diagnostic evaluation and surgical exploration.  Dr. Sigler is skilled in both.  Fortunately, most orbital tumors are non-malignant and can be successfully treated with surgery.

Dr. Sigler also has completed a fellowship in Ocular Pathology which gives him additional knowledge in this particular area.

Cancer of the Eye

Dr. Sigler will help you determine the best treatment, surgical and reconstructive options…

If you have been diagnosed with cancer of the eye, Dr. Sigler will help you evaluate and determine the best treatment, surgical and reconstructive options for you.  Advances in surgical techniques and technology provide more positive outcomes than ever before in terms of effectiveness and aesthetics.